Illuminating Elements is the new exhibit that opened last month at The CAP Gallery. The exhibit features the works of pastel painters Mary Aslin, Lesli Bonanni, Gil Dellinger, Mike Ishikawa, Margaret Lindsey, Marie Tippets, and Elizabeth Wallace. The subject is the effect of light on elements found in nature – natural and man-made.

Margaret Lindsey’s Pacific Atmosphere is a shore scene featuring foamy shore breaks washing up on the dark, wet sand. A mottled blue sky is shot through with streaks of pink at the distant horizon and again peeking through the sky as you look up towards the top of the piece. Her work appears heavily textured with layers of rich pastels, but it is the fine application of thin layers of pastel that creates that appearance. A feeling of peace and calm at the end of a day can be felt when viewing this piece

Margaret Lindsey’s “Pacific Atmosphere,” Pastel   20” x 27”

Mary Aslin may be more known for her still life and portraiture work, in which her handling of light and shadow is exceptional. Her ability is also apparent in her outdoor scenes. Morning Sun, Laguna Alley is a view down one of Laguna’s quaint alleys. Early sunlight dapples the lush vegetation and brilliant bougainvillea lining the side of the alley, while long shadows start to withdraw. A feeling of early morning calm can be felt.

Lesli Bonanni’s work is more moody, abstract, and atmospheric. Blending color in thin layers and moving it around on the surface, also adding, subtracting, etching into the surface, she allows emotional and spiritual feeling to flow as she is working on her piece. Her edges are blurred, rather than sharp, giving a dream-like quality to her work. In Dare To Dream, a river flows from the foreground into the distant horizon. Land shapes are on either side. Overhead is a sky with golden hints of clouds. At the meeting point of the river and the sky is a sliver of bright glow. A hint of what could be or what is to come?

Gil Dellinger has a different view in his Tank Cars, Port of Stockton. Soft sunlight washes over the sides of the tank cars and on down to the ground. Meanwhile, surfaces that face away from the light are either in shadow or completely dark. For Dellinger, it is the way light can move around, defining shapes and shadows, such as the brightness that seeps over the tank cars and disappears into the surfaces between the cars.

Mike Ishikawa’s “Manhattan Pier, Evening Glow, “Pastel 10” x 27”

Mike Ishikawa works with a saturated and bright palette. Manhattan Pier, Evening Glow shows the pier extending into the ocean, the bright red roof on the building, perched at the end of the pier, like a beacon. Behind it is a turquoise sky and light to dark pink clouds; cobalt blue water and sparkling white waves dance in the foreground of the pier while a mix of oranges, yellows, pinks, and reds reflect off the sand: the panorama of a bright California coastal sunset.

In Early Snow and Winter In Utah, Marie Tippets’ goal is to “capture some of the magic” of the winter in Utah. The contrast between the dark trees and brilliant white snow blanketing the land, combined with the casting of cool shadows by the trees, bring to mind the cold, crispness, and deep expanse of her views. Visiting family in Utah gives her the opportunity of revisiting her experiences growing up in New York and brings that feeling to her work.

Elizabeth Wallace has a love of birds and they can frequently be the subject of her works. In a recent experimental series done in pastel, graphite, and watercolour wash, the backgrounds are wind turbines done in watercolor wash. In the foreground is a single bird, done in pastel, and winding through the piece is a stream of writing in handwritten graphite. Treadmills, Windmills features a roadrunner running across the foreground. Spiraling out from the center of each turbine is a stream of writing in pencil. 

Looking closely you can read it and discover it is a poem written in a “stream of consciousness” style. These writings come about after Wallace has added the bird to the turbine background. She spends time looking at the work until the words come to her. For this one it is “Treadmills, windmills, time and space. Walking, running, stand in place.”

Each of these seven artists has their own take and interpretation of Art + Nature. The commonality is the medium they use to express themselves and their originality.

Take a break and visit Illuminating Elements and see this selection of work. 


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Current Exhibitions:

"Illuminating Elements"

Margaret Lindsey

Experience the "Illuminating Elements" exhibit with a Second Artists' Conversations, Saturday, January 11 from noon to 2pm, at The CAP Gallery with artists Lesli Bonanni, Gil Dellinger and Marie Tippets. Come enjoy the Art of pastels. Artists will be on hand to talk about and demonstrate how they paint with pastels. Attendees will also have a chance to experience painting with pastels!

This is the second time this event is being offered, due to the enthusiasm of attendees from the first event. It is FREE to the public.

Natural elements of shape, texture and colour illuminated by the evanescent light portrayed in one of Art's oldest mediums - pastels. A combination of Art & Nature.

Featuring Work by:
Mary Aslin, Lesli Bonnani, Gil Dellinger, Mike Ishikawa, Margaret Lindsey, Marie Tippets and Elizabeth Wallace.

October 5, 2019
January 31, 2020

Artists' Conversations (2nd conversations)   January 11   12 – 2pm

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February 8 thru May 30, 2020

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CAP's mission is to increase the visibility and appreciation of Art and serve as a catalyst for Art Education. CAP is a 501(c)(3) non-profit funded by the member supporters, the lodging establishments and the City of Laguna Beach.


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